IEC has served the copper, bauxite, silver, and aggregate mining industries since 1985. With a combined 100 years of mining industry experience among our staff, IEC understands the challenges facing the region’s mines and how to best support resource extraction. We have application experience across every step of the process, from mobile equipment to bulk fuel level sensing to variable speed motor control of pumps and conveyors. Our core products for mining are:

  • Motor control/protection
  • Variable speed drives, low- and medium-voltage
  • Wireless IO and communications
  • Proximity and photoelectric sensing
  • Enclosure systems and climate control

Water & Wastewater

Water is the Southwest’s most precious resource, and IEC has supported our local municipalities and water districts for decades, providing field devices, motor control, and power distribution solutions for both fresh water and wastewater. IEC’s team of sales engineers and manufacturer partners can help you improve operational efficiency and update aging technology.

  • Wireless and remote IO
  • Hazardous location enclosures and controls
  • LED area lighting
  • VFD and MCC components and rebuilds
Food, Beverage, and Medical

Food, Beverage, and Medical

IEC’s product suite makes us uniquely suited to service FDA-regulated manufacturers and machine builders. We offer automation products designed specifically for chemical resistance during washdown and safe for food contact. Focus products include:

  • Hygienic-design enclosures and panel entry
  • Sensors rated for washdown and aggressive chemicals
  • Cordsets, field IO, HMIs, and wireless up to IP69k
  • Steppers, servos, and drives for washdown


IEC supports our utility customers with solutions for substation control, security, and IT. Custom DIN rail assemblies help our utility customers streamline their substation production and save on costly overtime while making sure projects meet deadline. Our surge protection products keep networking equipment stable and reliable, minimizing downtime and service interruptions.

  • Custom DIN assemblies and cabinet hardware
  • Enclosure systems for relay racks and server cabinets
  • Networking and VPN hardware
  • Logistics support


With our headquarters in the Silicon Desert, IEC has extensive product and application experience in the semiconductor market. We have customers across the entire semiconductor vertical, from machine builders to wafer fabs to end-users. IEC understands the challenges facing today’s semiconductor manufacturers and has the products chip makers need to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

  • Control and interface for machines
  • Photoelectric, ultrasonic, and laser sensing
  • Stepper and servo motors for precision movement
  • Power and surge protection
UL 508


IEC views our panel shop customers as valuable partners in support of the regional industrial base. Not only does IEC provide components and enclosures to build control cabinets, but we also provide services, products, and tools to improve shop efficiency:

  • Enclosure modification and subassembly
  • Marking and labeling
  • Hand tools
  • Automatic tools to cut/strip/crimp/ferrule wire


One of our most technically demanding and high-tech markets, the aerospace industry is an excellent example of how IEC can partner with end-users. We work with our aerospace customers on both products and logistics, setting up custom inventory and helping manufacturers select the best hardware to keep their processes efficient, reliable, and repeatable.

  • Collaborative robots for machine tending
  • Visual inspection/verification/bar code registration
  • Process monitoring and recording


Custom machine builders are at the core of the automation industry. IEC provides products and support to machine builders across our region in virtually every industry. We offer a suite of automation and control hardware to address every aspect of the Machine and Electrical OEM markets:

  • Security devices for VPN remote access
  • Steppers/Servos and motion control
  • Process sensing
  • Networking and Communication
  • Field IO and cordsets

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Established in 1985, IEC Supply is the Southwest's leading source for advanced automation and control solutions. Years of experience in process control and factory automation gives IEC a unique understanding of the industrial market to help our customers succeed.

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